Why You Should List Your Facility

CanAmerica Health is the “go to” source for Canadians seeking medical treatment in the USA.

Facts about Canadians and our healthcare system:

  • 875,000 Canadians are on lengthy medical “wait lists” at any given time
  • The vast majority of these patients’ first choice for out of Canada healthcare is the United States.
  • In 2016 over 63,000 Canadians traveled outside the country for medical treatment. The majority of those traveled to the USA.
  • Canadians are familiar with the U.S. and are comfortable knowing the quality of care they will receive will be top-notch
  • The patients leaving Canada for healthcare simply do not want to put their lives on hold (or in jeopardy) and are willing to pay reasonable prices for quality medical care.
  • There are no language barriers when traveling to the USA
  • Travel time is generally short

CanAmerica Health actively engages with:

  • Wealth management firms
  • Insurance brokers
  • Canadian disability insurance companies
  • Canadian workers compensation boards
  • Canadian disability management firms
    • one of which is a leading Canadian consulting firm with access to over 300 employers.
    • These firms look for ways to reduce their clients workers’ compensation premiums by fast-tracking their injured employees medical treatments and surgeries.

Patients may come across your facility by chance while googling their medical conditions. However, research indicates that the vast majority of “medical tourists” locate healthcare providers through targeted websites. CanAmerica Health is the only site solely dedicated to directing Canada’s citizens to America’s healthcare system.

The USA has a reputation for the “gold standard” in medical treatment. Show case yours here and see the increase in patients and revenue.


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