Medical Travel (also referred to as medical tourism, health tourism or global healthcare) describes the practice of travelling across international borders to undergo surgical operations and/or obtain related healthcare services.

Most Canadians choose to go to the USA for medical treatments for the following reasons:

  • To avoid the long wait times for most procedures in Canada
  • To get immediate diagnostic tests
  • The ease and increasing affordability of USA medical care
  • The high-quality and safe medical treatment provided in the USA
  • The available and innovative options that Canada doesn’t offer
  • Close proximity
  • To have an extended stay and enjoy a recovery vacation

As recently as the early 2000’s, medical travel was largely limited to cosmetic, plastic, or elective surgeries. Now patients are commonly traveling for a wide variety of medical treatments including diagnostics, specialized surgery, reconstructive surgery, difficult to obtain specialized treatment, and addiction treatment and recovery.

While there are not enough resources in Canada for the number of patients, in the USA the opposite is true. We want to help both Canada and United States with their capacity issues, and assist patients in finding expedited care.

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