Wait times for surgery – with no surprise – are lengthening in Canada forcing more patients to seek private healthcare outside of the country. This is not due to a shortage of surgeons, but largely to lack of sufficient or time.

Canada is going through a tough time with the 2017 healthcare spending cuts that have weighed down our medical system. Many provincial governments have even frozen hospital global budgets resulting in chronic underemployment of surgeons and nurses.

To better our healthcare system we need to be creative.

Last year 63,359 Canadians left the country for medicare – an increase of 40% from 2015.

40%… wait a 40% increase?! That’s astounding when we get FREE healthcare. Isn’t it? Hence why we need to find new innovative ways to help our healthcare system.

It has been found that federal prisoners, WSIB patients, professional athletes, politicians, and members of the RCMP and military get faster treatment at home – Star athletes jumping the queue for MRI’s – but what if you’re not part of one of those minor groups?

Should you not be allowed to spend your own money on your own healthcare, and in doing so help Canadian hospitals and healthcare professionals?

This may be small sum of people, but a much greater source of revenue would be medical tourism especially from the USA. People are willing to pay.

According to the New York Times, mainland Chinese patients took 500,000 outbound medical trips last year… 5X more than last year. Most traveled to the USA for surgery and cancer therapy. Many could be encouraged to come to Canada for less expensive treatment, but we don’t yet have those options.

We can take pride in our universal healthcare system but it desperately needs reform. Legalization of medical tourism and of limited private care for Canadians would create new and more employment for our physicians, nurses and technicians. It would also provide badly needed revenue for our hospitals.

Wait times would shorten for all Canadians and our public system would finally become sustainable.

Article from: Toronto Sun