The Manitoba Nurses Union have been put on the back burner when it comes to getting information on the changes that will be taking place in the Health Sciences center.

Presuming the reason is to avoid confrontation, they are having to find out the changes that are about to come through newspaper articles.

Pointing to a Free Press report published last week, Sandi Mowat, the head of the Manitoba Nurses Union states the renovation plans for a new minor treatment area in the ER are the first shes heard of.

Being directly involved in the healthcare system, Sandi is frustrated because they are already experiencing a high volume of visits to the ER. So many, that there are patients without hospital beds. Just last week, about 20 patients that were admitted had no bed and were left occupying space in the ER room. This in turn slows the whole ER process.

This is where we ask ourselves “How will closing down ER rooms throughout the city help this issue?”

The director of patient services shares her thoughts here: Winnipeg Free Press