The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority was forced to cancel all elective and non-emergency surgeries scheduled this week due to a flu outbreak. Patients that have waited weeks and months are now put back on the waiting list, left feeling exasperated.

The only surgeries remaining to continue are emergency and cancer surgeries, as well as any day surgeries.

They have learnt that the best way to deal with this flu outbreak being similar to the 2013 outbreak, is to open up additional temporary beds for those in need.


The Manitoba NDP say that the flu out-break isn’t the only reason for the bed shortages. Provincial health decisions to reduce the number of public flu shot clinics, tighten healthcare budgets and delay new personal care-home beds are also to blame.

“The cuts that pallister has made to the health-care system has set the system up for failure. This is like a stress test for how well our medical system is working”.

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