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More affordable medicine = Longer delays

Everyone wants affordable medicine, but are Canadians prepared to accept the trade-off of even longer delays before we can access innovative drugs? Last May, then-federal health minister Jane Philpott announced proposed changes to the Patented Medicine Prices Review...

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Grace Hospital wait soars 32%

Since the Victoria Hospitals acute care facility has closed, the Grace Hospital wait times have gone up as much as 32%. 14 hours used to be the median "length of stay" has now heightened to 18.4 hours. All of this is just after the first phase of the WRHA consolidated...

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Health reforms in Winnipeg are putting patients at risk

When Seven Oaks and Victoria general hospital became Urgent Care Centers instead of emergency departments, the plan was to bring wait times down, with more specialized care at those facilities. It is no surprise that patient health and safety has been placed at risk...

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Amazon partnering to join the healthcare insurance business

Amazon is joining the healthcare insurance business along with Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase. They have yet to name the unveiled company which will provide their U.S. workers and families with a better option of healthcare. The statement released...

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Niverville, MB private MRI plan on pause

Gordon Daman, a spokesman for the Niverville Heritage Holdings Inc., said the MRI plan on pause as they await the Manitoba Governments response to a report on wait-times. Niverville MRI project shows a third-way for healthcare in Canada Daman says it's hard to say how...

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Man denied treatment for not speaking French

A Montreal hospital is looking into a complaint after Zbigniew Malysa was denied treatment for not speaking French. He said the urologist refused to speak to him. After immigrating to Poland over 30 years ago, the Canadian citizen said he was belittled in front of two...

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Elective surgeries cancelled due to flu

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority was forced to cancel all elective and non-emergency surgeries scheduled this week due to a flu outbreak. Patients that have waited weeks and months are now put back on the waiting list, left feeling exasperated. The only...

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Over 5000 mammograms cancelled after CancerCare vans break down

The CancerCare breast screening program delivers about 50,000 mammograms in a year, and with 2 CancerCare vans in the shop until February, 5200 mammograms had to be cancelled. After hitting a speed bump, the only thing to do is to keep "trucking along". There are many...

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